We believe
in the future!

Life is diverse and colorful! We stand for an open and tolerant society in which everyone has a place. Hate is not an opinion and spreading it is not an alternative!

A little better step by step.

Every business, especially in agriculture, bears responsibility for society, the earth and the future. But everyone who drinks and eats - including you - also influences the market and the existing structures. Support the small farmers... It's better for everyone in the long run - we promise!

We are a member of the FAIR'N GREEN community - it connects people and shows the development towards sustainable work.
The focus is on a holistic system for sustainable viticulture: protection of nature, social commitment and sustainable management.

Every wine has a home!

We are nerds and think about wine most of the time. What is influenced by what and why do we like some things better than others... Terroir, love and craftsmanship - that's it.

soil soul

Location, location, location

We are fascinated by plants and what they create. Fascinated by their fruits and how they taste. And captivated by the wine that can taste like what the vines experience. May we introduce - the Bavarian Lake Constance:

  • Sea dump

    The last former shoreline of Lake Constance. Enormous proportion of gravel and stones, interspersed with carbonate sands. Strong in character and our home.

    Sea dump
  • Sonnenbichl

    A little bit away from the lakeshore and therefore warmer location in Nonnenhorn. Has a little less coarse soil and a slightly higher clay content than the sea dump.

  • Hoyerberg

    on hold - will say hello when the location and wine are ready for you.

  • Hummer

    on hold - will say hello when the location and wine are ready for you.

  • Nun's horn

    Nonnenhorn is a flat headland in Lake Constance - very much influenced by it and its history. Typical terrace gravel, interspersed with carbonate sands - mostly crushed, former inhabitants of the lake.

    Nun's horn
  • Bavarian Lake Constance

    Cool Climate, close to the Alps at around 400m above sea level, right on the lake - a magical place.
    Our vines are rooted in soils that were shaped by the glaciations of the last ice age. The ice masses brought all kinds of rubble from the Alps to the Lake Constance region. The retreat of the glacier and the subsequent meltwater work sorted the rock in the way we find it today as the unique basis for our wines. Exciting and unique.

    Bavarian Lake Constance

Drinks, drinks, drinks - we love them.

Wine can make moments great and tell the greatest stories. But wine also has alcohol and quite a bit of it. Drink consciously and take care of each other.