Nice try, brother!

How about a glass of milk?

For you and all the young guns out there who think alcohol is the only thing that can save Saturday night - think again! There are so many things to do at your age that are not only more fun but also more memorable than the hangover the next morning. And don't worry, you'll probably get the hangover soon enough - but not from our wine!

How about

  1. Geocaching – the modern treasure hunt. It's like Pokémon Go, except you actually find something at the end (and it's not just a virtual monster).
  2. Escape rooms – put your brain to the test, not your liver. Plus point: you'll remember the solution the next day.
  3. Sports activities – such as laser tag or paintball. Move instead of numbing yourself. You'll be surprised at how much adrenaline is released.

We also know that Lindau and the surrounding area don't always make it easy, but you'll definitely find something!

Feel free to come back later

Why is drinking not an activity?

Quite simply: it deprives you of the opportunity to really experience and enjoy the moment. Besides, who wants to spend the next day with a headache when you could be doing something cool instead? So, come back when you're old enough!

In addition, our wines are not drunk. You can do this with a tetra pack of wine, but you can't get it either.